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Every organization has a story to tell. Let's put yours to work.   
I'll use my passion for storytelling and 20+ years of marketing communications experience to help grow your business. By identifying your story and what sets you apart, Crowe Communications can help you achieve your goals and give you time to manage your other tasks. After all, your "To Do" list grows even longer while you read this, right?
Contact me for a free, 30-minute consultation about your needs and let's get to work. You've got great things to accomplish!


Crowe Communications. Share your Story.
Brand Assessment

A well-developed, consistent brand is essential to build stakeholder loyalty.  Does your brand experience match customer expectations? 
I can help you find out.   

Content Strategy

Whether its content for your website, email campaigns, direct mail, or other marketing vehicle, I'll help you identify the right content strategy and define (or refine) your messaging.

Blog Posts

If you’re looking for content for your blog, I can research and ghostwrite posts on nearly any topic.  This is especially helpful for those short on time (and really, who isn't these days?).

Competitor Analysis

Understanding the competitive landscape can help your organization sharpen its brand messaging and better position itself in the marketplace. I'll take a look at your competitors and identify what sets you apart.


Already have your message?  Let me proofread and edit your content to ensure consistency of tone, accurate meaning, clear calls to action, and no pesky typos or grammatical errors.

Social Media Posts

I can help you craft shareworthy social media posts and graphics that engage your followers, fans, subscribers, and connections. 

How Can I Help You Write Your Story?

Finally! Time for Your Other Marketing Projects

Our three-step process makes outsourcing your content creation easier than ever,
giving you time to focus on other marketing priorities.

Step 1: Project
Kick-off Call

Share the details, desired outcomes and deadlines
for your project.

Step 2: Content Creation

I'll write compelling content that speaks to your target audiences. 

Step 3: Achieve
Your Goals

Watch your content drive revenue, donors, members, followers and more!

Achieve-Next Generation Science Standards

Achieve-Next Generation Science Standards

CHCI Capital Campaign Brochure

CHCI Capital Campaign Brochure


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“We required articulate messaging and marketing ideas when our organization launched a new fundraising initiative for children’s health issues in Washington, D.C. Lori exceeded our expectations in terms of her ability to capture our organization’s message and effectively communicate our passion to a mass audience in a meaningful way. Due in part to Lori’s mastery of content creation and marketing – our first event raised nearly $30,000. She is a respected thought partner and trusted advisor. If you want to execute a compelling, dynamic messaging campaign, you need Lori in your corner.”

Ashley Nolan, Assistant Director, Children’s National Health System

“I have worked with Lori for several years! She is very attentive to listening to your message, your goals, and your vision. She researches the subject further and puts together an incredible set of message points to help achieve your goals. What I found awesome working with Lori was that—as a creative—she was very happy to adjust to my critiques and comments and work as part of a larger team. I would highly recommend Lori and will continue to work with her for years to come!”

Ed Ball, Owner, Ed Ball Landscape Architecture

“Lori is superb to work with. Her ability to identify brand differentiators, her strategic thinking and her delivery of content writing for website and marketing projects is always on target. It’s a real pleasure to work with Lori, not just because her quality of work is excellent, but also because she works hard to learn about each and every one of our clients.”

Veronica Vannoy, President & Creative Director, VC Graphics

“I had the opportunity to work with Lori on a project and I was impressed by her extreme speed in focusing the goals and the timeliness in achieving the results.”

Umberto Gallo, CEO, Milano Teleport