Are there advantages to hiring an outside writer? You bet! Simply put, writers LOVE to write. So here are six reasons you should consider hiring one for your next project.

A Writer by Any Other Name…Still Achieves Your Goals

Whether you call us content strategists, copywriters, business, commercial or freelance writers, word nerds (my fav), grammar geeks, or language wonks, our end-game is the same—to help you achieve your goals through quality content. A good writer will take time to understand your organization—it’s successes as well as its pain points—to deliver a work product that enhances your organization’s message.

They’re Fresh…Like Kool & the Gang’s 1985 Hit

Writers offer organizations a fresh perspective. They’re not so engrained in your company’s culture that it becomes difficult to tell the story in a new way. Writers may see another angle/benefit/product use/audience to highlight that your company hasn’t considered. And if the Kool & the Gang reference resulted in the need for a “Fresh” musical interlude, here you go!

The Right Message…For the Right Channel

If you have a communications background, then you understand that different message channels require different approaches. Content and tone that are right for your Twitter feed may not work (or be appropriate) for a donor thank you letter. But for the (many) individuals whose expertise resides elsewhere—like inventing the next “must-have” gadget or feeding children across the globe—an experienced writer can help. By nuancing language and tone, they can create the most effective messages for many types of communications vehicles and audiences.

Structure, Punctuation, and Grammar…Oh My!

Another important reason to hire outside writers is they are obsessed (in the best possible way) with grammar, content structure, word choice, punctuation, and other writing characteristics. Writers know the difference between they’re, there, and their. They’ve bookmarked—the Internet’s equivalent of speed dial—the AP Stylebook (and all the other style guides for that matter). They ask (and actually care) whether your organization uses the Oxford comma (aka “Serial” or “Harvard” comma), often arguing it’s not “optional” as suggests. Writers long for, and incorporate, structure so that your content will communicate ideas logically.  They avoid clichés.  They seek out creative ways to invigorate tired and overused phrases. I could write a whole blog post on this subject (and I just might LOL), but you get the idea. Writers are trained for content excellence…why not put that to good use for your company?

Heed the Call…Call to Action, That Is

Next to grammar issues, one of the most common mistakes I see organizations make is not having a clear call to action on communications pieces. While words are nice, communication actually serves an important purpose—to motivate people to desired action. Messages without call to actions are missed opportunities! Writers will often start with the call to action (begin with the end in mind) and build compelling content from there.

Score Points with Your HR Team…and the Accountant

Hiring a staff writer is time-consuming and expensive (think salary, benefits, office space, professional development, snacks, etc.), and most companies don’t actually need a full-time writer on the payroll. Instead, hire a word nerd like me and leave the writing to us. You’ll effectively double your communications workforce, leaving you time to focus on other important tasks. Have you seen your “to do” list lately?!?

Want Five More? 
Sarah Payton, president of Egg Marketing & Communications, published five good ones in a blog post for Growth University. Since two of the reasons address saving time and money—a phrase that typically makes company executives happy—they remain highly relevant today.

If you need an experienced writer or proofreader for your next project, contact me to discuss your needs. I’ll put my 20+ years of marketing communications experience and my love of words to work toward achieving your goals.