In December, I read an article in Woman’s Day magazine by contributor Clinton Kelly (lifestyle guru of “What Not to Wear” and “The Chew” fame) proclaiming that on or around the year 2000 (when half of us were partying like it was 1999 and the other half of us were worried about Y2k–myself being in the former group), he gave up making resolutions. Like many of us, he never kept them much beyond February anyway.

Evolutions, Not Resolutions

Instead, Clinton began making “evolutions” instead: small changes implemented over time that are barely noticeable until – BAM! – a major improvement has occurred. The more I pondered this idea, the more genius it seemed. So, I’ve decided to adopt this in my life in 2017 and see what happens. First up, this new blog!

I’m excited to see how this blog will evolve over the next year and the engagement that may occur. I have a general idea of what kinds of branding and communications help I’d like to share, while intermixing my quirky musings about music, movies, the 80s, campy Batman TV re-runs (I mean who doesn’t love Adam West and Burt Ward?!?), quotable quotes, and other fun, relevant tidbits.

I hope to make it an adventure! In the meantime, I’d love for you to share what you think of the concept of evolutions, instead of resolutions? What tops your work-related list? And most importantly, how can this blog help you achieve them this year?